What Time Do Bars Close In Nashville? Complete Guide!

Nashville is synonymous with vibrant nightlife, from its iconic honky-tonks blaring country music to craft cocktail lounges stirring up artisanal concoctions. With so many lively venues packing Tennessee’s capital, just how late do the good times roll in Music City?

Your Guide to Last Call in Music City Nights

As a travel blogger and Nashville enthusiast, I set out to create the ultimate guide on what time bars close in Nashville for those planning a night out in this entertaining southern destination. From Broadway to The Gulch and East Nashville, here’s everything you need to know about Nashville’s buzzing late-night scene.

Overview of Nashville’s One-of-a-Kind Bar Scene

Nashville boasts an array of over 200 bars to suit any taste. Neon-lit honky-tonk dives blast country music until the early hours while chic rooftop lounges serve craft cocktails. The options span dive bars, pubs, honky-tonks, high-end cocktail bars, lively music venues, microbreweries, and more.

Most nightlife is concentrated downtown, where legendary Broadway packs over 30 bustling honky-tonks. Other top areas like Midtown, Demonbreun, and the Gulch stay lively with college spots and upscale lounges. Just beyond downtown, neighborhoods like East Nashville and 12 South have vibrant scenes of their own spanning dives to breweries and taprooms.

With so many options in this Tennessee hot spot, deciding not just where to go but how late venues stay open is key for an epic night out.

Legal Drinking Age and Hours in Nashville

First, those traveling to enjoy Nashville’s famed nightlife should know:

  • Legal drinking age is 21 across Tennessee
  • Bars closely check IDs and use wristbands to identify legal drinkers
  • Under 21 are prohibited from entering bar areas late night

Bars also legally cannot serve drinks past 3 AM under a Tennessee state law known as the prohibited hours law for liquor-by-the-drink establishments.

So while venues can apply to extend hours until 5 AM for special events like New Years Eve, last call will come no later than 3 AM on regular nights even on lively Broadway.

Standard Nashville Bar Closing Times

The prohibited hours law sets the latest time alcohol can be served. However, most bars will close soon after last call:

Weeknights: Most bars close between 12 AM and 2 AM on weeknights

Weekends: Hot spots like Broadway stay open latest until 3 AM on weekends, especially Fridays and Saturdays. Some stretch to 3:15 or 3:30 AM at the very latest before shutting down.

Of course, smaller neighborhood pubs often close earlier weeknights or Sundays. But Nashville’s lively downtown, Midtown, and Gulch maintain buzzing late-night action even on weeknights.

What Time Do Bars Close in Popular Nashville Neighborhoods?

While most neighborhoods follow similar closing times, subtle differences emerge based on size, venues, and local character.

Lively Downtown and Legendary Broadway

Lively Downtown and Legendary Broadway

Packed with neon-lit honky-tonk bars and live music pouring onto the streets, downtown is Nashville’s crown jewel that maintains energy into the early hours. Bars on legendary Broadway drive Nashville’s nightlife, which runs latest until 3 AM on weekends or 2 AM weeknights. A vibrant tourist scene keeps downtown pumping virtually any night.

Trendy Cocktail Bars in The Gulch

Trendy Cocktail Bars in The Gulch

Just south of Broadway, The Gulch has transformed into a trendy epicenter with chic lounges atop boutique hotels and hip industrial cocktail joints attracting young professionals. Most Gulch nightlife runs latest until 3 AM on weekends, but smaller lounges sometimes close earlier in the week catering to post-work crowds.

Eclectic East Nashville

Eclectic East Nashville

Across the river, East Nashville offers a more Bohemian vibe with tucked-away speakeasies, local breweries, and quirky neighborhood haunts sprinkled through its diverse neighborhoods. While popular on weekends, East Nashville bars sometimes close a bit earlier weeknights compared to raucous downtown generally between 12 AM to 2 AM.

College Bars in Vibrant Midtown

College Bars in Vibrant Midtown

Anchored by Vanderbilt and other universities, Midtown maintains an energetic nightlife scene driven by college students especially on Demonbreun street. Lots of Midtown nightlife mirrors Broadway’s energy going strong until 3 AM even during weeknights.

Laid-Back Green Hills & Hillsboro Village

Laid-Back Green Hills & Hillsboro Village

Further from downtown, bar scenes in Green Hills and Hillsboro Village have more relaxed neighborhood vibes. Comprised of low-key sports bars, pubs and relaxed lounges, most establishments close between 1 AM and 2 AM during the week or at 3 AM on weekends at the latest.

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Night Clubs In Nashville Things To Do At 3 Am

Once last call hits at 3 AM in Nashville, the night doesn’t have to end. While bars may close, several vibrant venues transform into late night dance clubs and entertainment hubs keeping the party going well past last call.

The Big Bang Bar

The Big Bang Bar

The Big Bang Bar offers electric energy with DJs and dancing continuing past 3 AM most Friday and Saturday nights. Known for welcome shot deals and theme costume parties, it’s a lively late night club popular with college students and those looking to dance into the early hours.

Cafe Coco

Cafe Coco

For a more laid-back but still buzzing late night scene, Cafe Coco in Elliston Place is a quirky 24-hour cafe with beers and wine on offer. Local artists and musicians keep the atmosphere engaging into the night with eclectic performances. It’s a popular hangout spot after the bars close at 3am.

Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge

Tootsie's Orchid Lounge

The iconic honky tonk Tootsie’s has a “midnight to 3 am” show following the regular band sets featuring local artists doing acoustic sets. While not a true dance club, it continues offering entertainment and drinks for purchase after hours specifically aimed at the late night post-bar crowd.

Play Dance Bar

Play Dance Bar

Play Dance Bar has emerged as Broadway’s premier late night dance club for those looking to keep partying past 3am. Its multi-level set up transforms into a pulsating dance floor with Top 40 hits that goes until 5 AM on weekends. The dress code bans baggy clothes and athletic wear, so dress to impress if you want to party late at Play.

So for travelers who want to make the most of a Nashville weekend trip, venues like these allow you to keep the good times rolling by offering vibrant late night entertainment options long after the bars halt alcohol sales at 3 AM. Just be prepared for some weary legs and sunglasses when morning rolls around after burning the candle at both ends.

Are Bars in Nashville Also Open on Sundays?

While smaller neighborhood bars sometimes take Sundays off, most lively districts are in full swing Sundays offering the same exciting energy found other weekend nights in Nashville.

Streets like Broadway and Midtown that cater heavily to tourists and college crowds will almost all remain open normal hours Sundays. Certain laid-back spots may scale back hours compared to rowdy Saturday nights, but Sunday day drinking before Sunday Night Football is a popular local tradition.

Top Late Night Bars in Nashville

Top Late Night Bars in Nashville

If looking to truly revel into the early hours on your Nashville trip, consider these top bars known for pushing the 3 AM weekend closing times:

  • Honky Tonk Central: Lively multi-level country music venue with bands rocking out until last call
  • Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge: Famed honky tonk bar with free live music 365 days a year right off Broadway
  • Santa’s Pub: Kitschy dive with karaoke cabins going strong late into the night
  • Rebar: Electric party bar featuring DJs spinning the hottest dance tunes downtown
  • The Stage: Intimate dive hosting local rock and alt bands until 3 AM
  • Pinewood Social: Hip bowling alley/bar/restaurant with dance floor energy downtown
  • Urban Cowboy: 4.4 (45 reviews)
  • The Golden Door: 3.9 (29 reviews)
  • Attaboy: 4.1 (278 reviews)
  • 16-Bit Bar+Arcade: 4.2 (35 reviews)
  • Kid Rock’s Big Honky Tonk and Rock n’ Roll Steakhouse: 3.5 (761 reviews)
  • Losers Bar and Grill: 2.8 (221 reviews)
  • EXIT/IN: 3.9 (100 reviews)

Are There Any 24-hour Bars in the Nashville Area?

While the nightlife soars into the early morning, eventually the beer taps and bands have to shut off even in this vibrant southern city.

Unfortunately as of 2024, Tennessee laws prohibit any Nashville venues from operating 24/7 alcohol-serving bars or nightclubs. All establishments cut off drink service at 3 AM sharp late weekend nights.

A few 24 hour cafes or restaurants without alcohol exist in limited areas downtown that can serve as late-night social hubs after bars close. But guests looking for all-night partying will need to catch some zzz’s before the next day’s festivities.

Tips for Enjoying Nashville’s Late Night Safely

To make the most of Nashville’s rocking late-night scene:

  • Pace alcohol intake : Alternate drinks with water to stay safer
  • Eat enough food before drinking to offset effects
  • Use rideshares/cabs to get home rather than driving
  • Ensure phones are fully charged to reach friends
  • Stick together in groups rather than alone when possible
  • Know personal limits and don’t overdo it

Experience Nashville’s Electric Nights

Famous for country music and southern hospitality, Nashville also rightfully earns its reputation for vibrant nightlife spanning honky tonks, local dive bars, trendy lounges, and live entertainment options.

While every neighborhood and venue has its own character, most of the action goes late into the early morning hours especially hype downtown streets like Broadway. Just be sure to pace yourself, plan transportation and ultimately focus on safety while enjoying everything this iconic southern city has to offer.

So next time you’re craving some Tennessee entertainment, use this guide to experience Nashville’s world-famous nightlife scene no matter what day of the week! The neon lights stay bright and beer ice cold every night in Music City.

Common FAQ’s about What Time Do Bars Close In Nashville?

What time do bars stop serving in Nashville?

Bars must stop serving alcohol at 3 AM in Nashville based on Tennessee prohibited hours laws.

How late is Broadway in Nashville open?

The honky tonks and bars packing Broadway stay open latest until around 3:15 or 3:30 AM on weekends.

Are most bars in Nashville 21+?

Yes, you must be 21+ to enter Nashville bars or areas serving alcohol after certain evening hours, usually around 9 PM.

What is the street in Nashville with all the bars?

The most iconic street packed with bars and live music venues is Broadway located downtown.

Can you take alcohol on the street in Nashville?

No, there are open container laws prohibiting taking alcoholic drinks onto public streets.

How late can you buy alcohol in Nashville?

Alcohol sales must cease at 3 AM under Tennessee law at all bars/restaurants.

What time is last call in Tennessee?

The latest “last call” can legally be announced is 2:30 AM since all alcohol sales must end by 3 AM.

Is there a curfew in downtown Nashville?

No set curfews exist, but those under 18 may not be out unsupervised late at night.

Does Nashville have a bar time?

Beyond prohibited hours laws, no set “bar time” exists – closing times vary by neighborhood & day.

Why do bars close at 2am in USA?

States regulate latest alcohol serving times which are often 1 or 2 AM to curb late night noise/issues.

What are 10 BEST Nashville Clubs & Bars?

Top Nashville bars/clubs: Honky Tonk Central, Santa’s Pub, The Stage, Rebar, Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk & Rock ‘n’ Roll Steakhouse, The Gulch, Midtown, Printers Alley

Do all bars serve food until closing time?

No, while some do especially honky tonks many bars cease kitchen service before actual closing time.

Are there age restrictions for entering Broadway bars late night?

Yes, most have bouncers restricting under 21 from entering without an adult after evening hours.

When is the last call for alcohol typically in Nashville?

Last call comes no later than 2:30 AM since bars must cease alcohol sales by 3 AM legally.

What is the standard closing time for Nashville bars?

Most bars close between 12 AM – 2 AM weeknights or at 3 AM on busy weekends in lively districts.

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