Travel Agents Join AccAm Network | Benefits & Resources 2024

The world of travel is changing rapidly. While the Internet provides easy access to flights, hotels, tours and more, the abundance of confusing and conflicting information leaves many travelers overwhelmed. The wise traveler understands the advantage of human insight, expertise, relationships and advocacy when coordinating increasingly complex itineraries across the globe.

That’s where joining a leading host agency network as a certified travel advisor provides the ultimate edge. Whether building a profitable business from scratch or turbo-charging your passion as a seasoned consultant, aligning with a dominant partner unlocks coveted access and success. That’s why here is a guide for you for exploration Travel Agents Join AccAm Network | Benefits & Resources 2024.

Accommodation Amenities, better known as AccAm, stands at the pinnacle spearheading industry evolution for over 30 years. AccAm empowers members to deliver personalized service and unmatched value as they guide eager voyagers towards awe-inspiring discovery across more than 250 destinations.

What AccAm Can Do For You?

AccAm offers travel agents access to exclusive deals and discounts to provide clients. By joining AccAm’s vast network, agents gain insider access to special rates on flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises and more. AccAm leverages relationships with suppliers to secure preferred pricing.

Agents can easily search AccAm’s database to find the best fares and rates for their clients. The self-service online system allows efficient trip planning and booking. AccAm also provides 24/7 emergency support for travelers, so agents know their clients are covered during their trips.

Finding an AccAm Travel Agent

Finding an AccAm Travel Agent

To find an AccAm agent, start by asking friends, family and colleagues if they have a recommended travel agent who is part of the AccAm network. Look at reviews on travel websites and directories to locate top-rated AccAm agents in your area.

Many AccAm agents promote their affiliation with the network. Search online for “AccAm agent near me” or “AccAm travel agent [your city]” to find agents close by. Make sure to verify they are certified AccAm agents before booking.

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Understanding AccAm Travel Insurance

AccAm provides agents access to leading travel insurance plans through partnerships with top providers like Allianz. When booking trips through AccAm, agents can easily add various tiers of travel insurance to protect their client’s investment.

Plans cover trip cancellation, interruption, delays, medical emergencies, baggage issues and more. AccAm insurance gives travelers peace of mind knowing they are protected if something unexpected happens before or during their trip. Agents can explain coverage options to help clients pick the right plan.

How Travel Agents Can Enhance Your Trip

How Travel Agents Can Enhance Your Trip

Booking travel through an AccAm agent provides many advantages travelers can’t access themselves. Agents have inside industry knowledge on the best deals and how to get them. They can recommend when to book, where to stay, what to do and more based on intimate destination expertise.

AccAm agents save clients time by handling all trip planning and logistics for air, hotel, transportation, activities and other arrangements. Their relationships provide perks like room upgrades and special amenities. They also monitor for price drops after booking to get refunds.

Travel Agent Overview

Travel agents sell transportation, accommodations, tours, and other travel services to meet clients’ needs. They have expert knowledge of destinations and suppliers. Agents access special industry rates, find deals, recommend options, handle bookings, and support travelers during their trips.

Difference Between Travel Agent and Travel Agency

Difference Between Travel Agent and Travel Agency

A travel agent is an individual travel professional who directly interacts with consumers to plan and book trips, vacation packages, honeymoons, tours, cruises, adventure travel and more. Agents often specialize in certain destinations or types of travel.

A travel agency is a business that employs travel agents to sell travel products and services to consumers on behalf of suppliers like hotels, airlines, car rental firms, etc. Agents work under the agency’s brand name and use their systems.

Joining the AccAm Network

Agents can join AccAm’s travel agent network by submitting an online application on AccAm’s website. Applicants must have an existing travel agency license and active status to qualify. Once approved, agents gain access to AccAm’s trip booking systems and special rates.

AccAm thoroughly vets applicants to ensure only reputable agents represent the network. Agents must keep their agency license and qualifications current to maintain active AccAm membership. Joining is free – AccAm instead takes a small commission from bookings.

Benefits of Being an AccAm Travel Agent

Key benefits of joining AccAm’s agent network include:

  • Access to exclusive travel agent rates on flights, hotels, cruises, rental cars & more
  • Ability to book trips at special pricing unavailable to the general public
  • Commission on bookings via relationships with over 1,000 suppliers
  • Fam trips, training workshops & networking events with destinations/vendors
  • Client assistance with 24/7 global emergency services & support staff
  • Robust agent tools & trip booking systems for efficient itinerary building
  • Marketing materials & inclusion in agent directories to draw new clientele

AccAm Agent Resources

AccAm Agent Resources

Once approved into the AccAm network, agents gain access to:

  • 24/7 Agent Support Service Center – book trips & get assistance
  • Marketing Materials & Templates to co-brand and promote your agency
  • Agent-Specific Booking Tools for air, hotel, car, cruise, vacation packages & more
  • Comprehensive Destination Guides on over 250 global destinations
  • Ongoing Training Sessions & Professional Development Workshops
  • Networking Events to Meet Fellow Agents and Key Supplier Partners

AccAm provides a wide array of resources so agents can effectively leverage network benefits.

AccAm Travel Agent Number & Login

Once accepted into AccAm’s network, each agent is issued a unique AccAm agent number ID that serves as their login credentials. Agents must enter their 8-digit AccAm agent number + 4-digit PIN to access AccAm’s trip booking tools and systems.

This secure login verifies the agent’s identity and active status in the network. It enables them to view special agent rates, book trips for clients, access marketing materials and more based on network privileges.

AccAm Travel Agent Contact

To contact AccAm as an approved travel agent member, agents can call the 24/7 support line at 1-877-222-2666 for booking assistance, password resets, commission inquiries and other needs.

Agents can also open support tickets for non-urgent requests via AccAm’s agent portal once logged into their account. Email contact is Live chat and messaging options are also available when logged into the portal.

For new potential agents interested in joining the AccAm network, call 1-844-656-9880 or email (The numbers and (emails are given from Google resources be sure to check them again before contact on these.)

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz is one of the leading travel insurance providers that partners with AccAm to offer trip protection plans. AccAm agents get special access to Allianz policies like OneTrip Prime, OneTrip Choice and Annual plans.

Allianz plans offer strong medical, evacuation and cancellation coverage. They also include assistance benefits for things like delays, lost bags and emergency medical transportation. AccAm agents save clients up to 15% off Allianz plans.

Allianz Travel Agent Commission

In addition to special member pricing, AccAm agents earn a 10% base commission on all Allianz travel insurance policies sold to clients. With add-ons and upgrades, agents can earn up to 20% commission per policy.

This provides a lucrative revenue stream on top of earning commission on travel bookings. Allianz insurance policies can be conveniently added during the online booking process via AccAm’s trip booking tools.

Is Allianz Travel Insurance Worth It

Allianz offers very comprehensive trip insurance plans with strong financial and assistance benefits like emergency medical evacuation coverage, 24/7 travel help services, and superior customer service. Their plans consistently rank as a top option for all types of travelers.

Given potential high medical costs overseas plus stringent airline change fees, the benefit typically outweighs the relatively low insurance cost – making Allianz an excellent value. 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides financial reimbursement if a policyholder needs to cancel a trip or encounters issues like delays, medical emergencies, luggage issues or other disruptions. It protects trip costs and provides assistance.

AccAm gives agents access to leading plans from Allianz, Travelex, AIG, RoamRight and others. Agents should explain different tiers of coverage so clients pick optimal protection for their unique trip. Adding insurance early locks in pre-existing condition coverage.

Can You Sue a Travel Agency for Not Refunding Your Money?

Can You Sue a Travel Agency for Not Refunding Your Money

In most cases, clients can take legal action against a travel agent or agency that does not properly process refunds or reimbursements per the contractual cancellation policy. If negotiations fail, small claims court is an option.

It’s important to carefully review all terms, conditions and cancellation/change policies when booking a trip and get all details in writing. Consulting a consumer lawyer is recommended before filing suit. Most agencies will work to resolve conflicts to avoid litigation.

How Do I Verify a Travel Agent?

To verify a travel agent’s legitimacy, first check for valid licensure on state regulator sites or the ATTA registry. Agents should clearly list their full name, agency affiliation, and credentials.

Ask agents about their specialties, networks (like AccAm), and supplier relations. Have a consultation before booking to understand service commitment and financial protection. Get trip details, pricing, terms, and cancellation policies in writing.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Travel Agent

Key benefits of becoming a licensed travel agent include:

  • Access to special travel agent pricing, amenities and FAM trips
  • Ability to earn commission selling travel with leading suppliers
  • Expert training opportunities and travel certifications
  • Joining networks like AccAm for expanded earning potential
  • More credibility and professional opportunities as a credentialed pro
  • Potential tax savings as independent contractor or home business
  • Helping people realize their travel dreams as a rewarding career

Do Travel Agents Have to Give You a Refund?

Travel agents are legally obligated to provide refunds or future travel credits if a supplier cancels a trip component or the traveler cancels within the allowed policy period. Each supplier and insurance policy have their own cancellation rules that agents must adhere to.

If an agent refuses to process a refund or credit properly due to a covered reason like illness, job loss or supplier default, legal action can compel the reimbursement, especially if you paid by credit card. Proper documentation like doctor notes are typically required.

What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed by a Travel Agent?

If you’ve been scammed by a dishonest travel agent who took your money but didn’t deliver the promised trip, first reach out to your credit card company and file a chargeback request if you paid that way, providing all documentation of the fraud.

Also file complaints with regulators like your state attorney general’s office, consumer protection agencies, and even the FBI for severe fraud. Check if the travel agent is licensed and report them to oversight bodies that can investigate and revoke accreditations. Consult with a travel lawyer about additional legal remedies in recovering lost money.

Who is AccAm?

Who is AccAm?

AccAm (Accommodation Amenities) is a Brisbane, Australia based travel agency network founded in 1987. It partners with independent travel agents globally to provide them access to special travel agent rates, destination guides, marketing materials, booking tools and other support services.

Today over 20,000 agency locations utilize AccAm’s wholly owned distribution channel to book discounted airfares, hotel rates, rental cars, tours and insurance policies to better serve clients. AccAm also owns a wholesale consolidator providing members specially contracted net rates.

The Rise of Travel Agent Networks

Traditional brick-and-mortar travel agencies have declined over the last two decades with the growth in online booking. But travel agent networks like AccAm have risen to empower the modern independent travel entrepreneur with work-from-home flexibility coupled with hosting, training and other vital support services.

Today over 40% of retail travel sales in the US still happen through the human touch and expertise of a professionally certified travel advisor. Rapid innovations by host networks now enable small start-up and solo advisors to efficiently compete in the digital arena while consumers increasingly value expert guidance in navigating travel’s mounting complexities.


How can I expand my network with travel agents while I am a tour operator?

Attend travel agent networking events, join industry associations like ASTA, partner with agent networks like AccAm, host educational webinars, and incentivize referrals promoting your tours.

Do travel agents make money?

Yes, travel agents earn income through commissions paid by travel suppliers like hotels, airlines, and tour companies when they sell products and services. Top producers easily earn over $100,000.

How do I get a travel agent ID?

Travel agents receive ID numbers when they join travel agency networks like AccAm or consortia like Virtuoso. Host networks use agent IDs to track bookings for earning credit.

What is another name for a travel agent?

Some common names for a travel agent include travel advisor, travel consultant, travel professional, travel specialist, and travel counselor.

What do you mean by travel agent?

A travel agent is an experienced travel expert who provides customized trip planning services and books flights, hotels, cruises tours and other arrangements on behalf of clients to save them time and money.

What is the role of a travel agent?

The role involves understanding destination and supplier options to create personalized trip itineraries matching client preferences, handling all bookings, providing expertise and advice, and supporting travelers before, during and after trips.

What does a travel agent do for you?

Travel agents research, plan and book customized vacations, honeymoons, tours, cruises, adventure trips and other complex itineraries matching client interests for less money than booking directly based on insider access to special industry rates and amenities.

What is another name for a travel agent?

Some common alternate names for travel agents include travel consultants, travel advisors, travel specialists and travel counselors.

Who is the best travel agency?

Some of the best travel agencies based on agent expertise, customer service and overall value include:

  • Travel Leaders
  • Travel Planners International (TPI)
  • Frosch, TravelQuest
  • Protravel International
  • Direct Travel
  • Virtuoso
  • Signature Travel Network

Is Allianz travel insurance good?

Yes, Allianz provides excellent trip insurance benefiting from strong financial backing, stellar customer service and an array of plans to suit different travel needs – making it a top choice. Condé Nast named Allianz the #1 Top Recommended Travel Insurance company.

What are the duties of a travel agent?

Key duties include understanding destination/supplier options to recommend optimal trips for clients; presenting quotes, booking reservations, ticketing and protecting payments; supporting travelers with documents, reminders and assistance; resolving any issues and maintaining client relationships.


Joining AccAm’s well-established travel agent network provides tremendous advantages through exclusive pricing, lead generation tools, ongoing training, networking events, and 24/7 emergency support staff. AccAm empowers agents to run profitable and professional travel agencies that deliver value. Clients also benefit from expert advisors with the best insider access. With over three decades of industry leadership, AccAm personifies travel excellence.

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