Stunning Nude Beaches in Hawaii for Going Bare

Planning a tropical getaway to Hawaii? Looking for some stunning nude beaches where you can work on your all-over tan? With its laidback vibe and abundance of secluded stretches of sand, Hawaii has plenty of options for going au naturel. 

From famous spots like Little Beach on Maui to secret coves on Kauai, we’ve uncovered the best nude beaches in Hawaii. Read on for tips, etiquette advice, resort recommendations, and more to make the most of your nude beach experience.

Our Favorite Travel Tips

Heading to Hawaii? Here are some of our top travel tips:

  • Pack light: Many nude beaches don’t have amenities, so bring just the essentials like sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a towel. Some beaches may require a hike, so wear good shoes. 
  • Research the beaches before you go: Some nude areas are unofficial and not signed. Read reviews and directions carefully so you end up in the right spot.
  • Be respectful: Remember, these are public beaches shared by many. Keep a respectable distance from others, don’t stare, and follow nude beach etiquette. 
  • Check the weather and waves: The best nude sunbathing happens on sunny, calm days. Keep safety in mind and know your limits.
  • Explore the islands: Hawaii has great nude beaches on several islands. Try hitting a few different ones on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island.

Are There Really Nude Beaches in Hawaii

With Hawaii’s relaxed, natural vibe, you may be wondering are there really nude beaches to enjoy? 

The answer is yes! While no state laws specifically allow public nudity, several world-famous beaches have unofficial nude areas that have been popular with locals and tourists for decades. As long as you follow basic etiquette, these clothing-optional havens offer the chance to work on an all-over tan in a judgement-free zone. Just use common sense, be respectful of others, and find the spot that suits your comfort level.

The Fine (Tan) Line Between Topless Sunbathing and Full Nudity in Hawaii

On most Hawaiian beaches, it’s quite common to see women sunbathing topless. However, full nudity is a different story and generally only tolerated in certain unmarked sections, like the tempting offerings of 10 Nude All-Inclusive Resorts for Wild Fun in the Sun. Typically, nude areas are located at the end or edges of beaches, separated by natural landscape features.

They may be separated by natural landscape features. Don’t assume the whole beach is clothing-optional – look for clusters of other naked sunbathers. And don’t disrobe on family-centric beaches or near resorts. Stick to known nude areas, and read the beach conditions before stripping down.

Anini Vista Drive Estate – Kauai 

Anini Vista Drive Estate - Kauai 

Looking to vacation in the nude on Kauai? Check out Anini Vista Drive Estate, a secluded luxury villa perfect for clothing-optional relaxation. Tucked away on 2 private acres near beautiful Anini Beach, this 3-bedroom estate features a private pool and hot tub, al fresco dining, and breathtaking ocean views. With complete privacy, you can sunbathe naked by the pool or lounge au naturel in the manicured gardens. 

The estate provides the perfect basecamp for exploring Kauai’s famous nude beaches like Donkey Beach and Polihale State Park. Wake up to sunrise over the mountains, enjoy breezy afternoons sipping mai tais poolside, and relax in your birthday suit under the stars pure paradise.

Kaanapale Hale – Maui

Kaanapale Hale - Maui

For a condo-style stay on Maui, Kaanapali Hale offers low-key nudist-friendly accommodations. Located just steps from the sands of world-famous Kaanapali Beach, this beachfront complex features 1-bedroom units with full kitchens. Units include access to a private lanai the perfect spot to relax in the buff after a day of snorkeling at nearby Black Rock. 

And with the oceanfront setting, you can take a skinny dip in the Pacific right off shore. When you’re ready to venture out, Kaanapali Hale is walking distance to Maui’s best nude beach Little Beach. Enjoy a short hike over the rocks to reach this secluded spot where you can shed your swimsuit and work on your full-body tan.

Pauoa Beach Oceanfront Villa – Big Island

Pauoa Beach Oceanfront Villa - Big Island

On Hawaii’s Big Island, Pauoa Beach Oceanfront Villa offers a secluded escape perfect for nude sunbathing. This luxurious 3-bedroom villa sits oceanfront near the beaches of Keauhou Bay. A short drive from Kona, the villa features complete privacy thanks to its walled courtyard and enclosed pool deck area. 

Take advantage of the villa’s top amenities like an infinity swimming pool, al fresco lava rock showers, and deck seating to lounge comfortably nude. When you’re ready to explore, Pauoa Beach Villa is close to Hawaii’s best nude beaches like Kua Bay and Hapuna Beach State Park. And with the villa’s privacy, you can skinny dip oceanfront in Keauhou Bay’s calm protected waters.

Paul Mitchell Villa at Lanikai – Oahu

Paul Mitchell Villa at Lanikai - Oahu

Looking for nude vacation options on Oahu? 

Check out the Paul Mitchell Villa at Lanikai, an ultra-private estate rental located just steps from the beach. Nestled along Oahu’s scenic windward coast, this 6-bedroom villa sits on a sprawling 1 acre lot enclosed by tropical foliage for seclusion. Enjoy amenities like infinity plunge pools, an outdoor kitchen, and covered patios ideal for nude sunbathing out of view. 

When it’s time to venture out, the Paul Mitchell Estate is walking distance to several great beaches like Kaohao Bay and famously upscale Lanikai Beach. Or take a short drive to check out Oahu’s famous nude beaches at Kaena Point and Papailoa Beach. With complete privacy, luxury amenities, and quick beach access, this Oahu villa lets you vacation in the buff in paradise.

Maui Little Beach

Maui Little Beach

No roundup of Hawaii’s best nude beaches is complete without Little Beach on Maui. Located in Makena State Park past Big Beach, this cove has an established nude section that’s popular with visitors. To reach it, follow a short trail over some rocks behind Big Beach. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you spot clusters of naked sunbathers. 

Swim in the turquoise waters or lay out your towel in the sand you don’t have to be shy here! 

With its protected cove location, Little Beach offers excellent swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing opportunities in the buff. Just be aware, weekends can draw crowds so arrive early. And as always, keep a respectful distance from others enjoying the beach.

Red Sand Beach 

Red Sand Beach 

For a more secluded and rugged nude beach option on Maui, head to Red Sand Beach just south of Hana. After a short scramble down a cliffside trail dotted with native hibiscus, you’ll reach this unique red-hued beach framed by lava rock formations. Given the challenging access, Red Sand Beach remains uncrowded most days perfect for shedding your swimsuit. 

Locals disrobe in the areas to the sides of the cove. Keep in mind, the beach has limited sand space between the rocky edges, so position yourself a comfortable distance from others. Bring sturdy shoes for the hike down, and exercise caution on the trail and in the water. The reward? An unspoiled nude beach setting far from crowds.

Secret Beach

Secret Beach

Kauai’s north shore boasts one of Hawaii’s most famous hidden gem nude beaches Secret Beach. Accessible via a scenic 15-minute hike on the Na Pali cliffs, this beach feels like your own private paradise. The route navigates steep, slippery sections of trail follow directions carefully as phone service is spotty. Once you reach Secret Beach’s secluded s-shaped cove bordered by jungle foliage, let it all hang out! 

With limited visitors, you can find a quiet spot to sunbathe comfortably naked all day long. Just know Secret Beach lacks amenities bring plenty of water and snacks. And only attempt the hike if you’re in good shape. The challenging trail is worth it for a chance to experience a remote Kauai nude beach destination.

Polo Beach

Polo Beach

On northwestern Oahu, Polo Beach is a local favorite for nude sunbathing and recreation. Located near Kaena Point State Park, this scenic beach sees far smaller crowds than Waikiki. Head to the area past the lifeguard stand to discover the clothing-optional section. Here, clusters of nudists regularly sunbathe and swim sans suits. The sandy beach area provides plenty of space to spread out, so it’s easy to find a secluded spot to bare it all. 

And the tranquil waters make for excellent nude wading, swimming, and snorkeling. As a bonus, Polo Beach offers beautiful views of the Waianae mountain range. Just be mindful of surf conditions, as the beach is exposed to open ocean swells.

Dolphin Beach 

Dolphin Beach 

On the Big Island, head to Hapuna Beach State Park to discover one of Hawaii’s best nude beaches Dolphin Beach. Located past the main Hapuna area, Dolphin Beach features a protected cove setting bordered by rock outcroppings. Here, clusters of nudists regularly sunbathe and swim free of suits. After a pleasant 20-minute walk through the park, you’ll reach this stretches of golden sand. 

Shed your suit and enjoy soothing waves, beachcombing, and swimming in the buff. Just exercise caution, as the cove is surrounded by rocky areas. For easy access to amenities, camping, and plentiful parking, Dolphin Beach’s location in Hapuna State Park makes it a great option for a Big Island nude beach day.

Strip at Your Own Risk

Okay, here comes our disclaimer: While topless sunbathing for women is generally tolerated on Hawaii’s beaches, full nudity is technically illegal. However, a few world-famous beaches feature popular unofficial nude sections that attract nudists. Police generally don’t patrol or cite at these locations. 

As long as you are discreet and respectful to others, these clothing-optional spots offer the chance to work on an all-over tan. However, Hawaii’s laws and social norms are rapidly evolving, so visitors choose to bare it all at their own risk. When in doubt, cover up near families and avoid naked antics. 

Find the beach zone that suits your comfort level, and read the conditions before you strip down.

Nude Versus Topless Beaches in Hawaii

First-timers to nude beaches often wonder what’s the difference between topless and fully nude beach areas? On most Hawaiian beaches, female toplessness is common while full nudity is limited to unofficial zones. Here’s a quick primer on topless vs. nude beaches:

  • Topless means breasts exposed, but bottoms/genitalia are covered
  • Nude means full nudity of both breasts and genitalia – but not intended for overt sexual activity
  • Some beaches have zones for both topless and full nude use  
  • Nude areas are typically sectioned off rather than spanning entire beaches

Keep in mind, topless sunbathing is generally acceptable on Hawaiian beaches, while nudity elicits a range of reactions. Read the beach culture before joining any clothing-optional section. And of course, never take photos or gawk at anyone enjoying the beach clothing-free.  

Avoid Staring

Visiting a Hawaii nude beach for the first time? Here’s an important tip: don’t stare. Nude beaches are intended for comfortable, casual nudity rather than sexual exploitation. Keep your eyes to yourself to avoid making others feel uncomfortable. 

And never take photos or videos of naked beachgoers this is unacceptable behavior that can even lead to arrest. Remember, a nude beach is not a peep show. Maintain respect for others as you would on any beach. With the right etiquette, Hawaii’s clothing-optional beaches can be relaxing spaces for all to enjoy.

Cameras Prohibited 

It should go without saying, but no cameras are allowed on nude beaches. Photography directly aimed at naked people can lead to legal trouble in Hawaii. Keep your smartphone stowed, and leave the Nikon at home too. Nude beachgoers have an expectation of privacy even in open public areas. 

Never snap photos or video of unclothed folks this is a major breach of etiquette that can ruin the vibe for everyone. If you want to capture scenic shots of the beach itself, ask others first or photograph empty landscapes. Enjoy the views in real life, and keep your electronics put away around nude sunbathers.

Observe Distance

When sunbathing naked, people like to have a reasonable “buffer zone” around them on all sides. Follow proper distance etiquette on nude beaches by keeping ample space between your towel and your neighbors. A good rule of thumb is to allow a minimum 10-15 feet in all directions if possible. 

Even on crowded beaches, there is usually space to spread out scope out an open spot. Sitting too close to nude strangers can cause discomfort. And never crowd or approach someone unclothed without their permission. Simply use common sense and respect personal space.

No X-Rated Performances 

To be clear, nude beaches are non-sexual spaces intended for naturist relaxation, not adult entertainment. Though clothing is optional, sexual behavior is absolutely prohibited by law on Hawaii’s beaches. So leave any exhibitionistic tendencies at home nude beaches are all about casual nudity rather than graphic displays. 

Keep your hands to yourself, and avoid overtly sexual conversations or advances on others as well. Lewd acts can lead to arrest. Let everyone enjoy the beach peacefully in their own way.

Final Tips

To make the most of your trip to Hawaii’s nude beaches, keep these final pointers in mind:

  • Check directions carefully. Unofficial nude areas are not marked with signs. 
  • Pack essentials only like sunscreen, towels, and hiking shoes. Many nude beaches are remote.
  • Confirm the vibe before disrobing. Not all sections are clothing optional.
  • Sit a respectful distance from others. Don’t crowd fellow nude beachgoers’ space.
  • Never stare at or photograph nude sunbathers. Follow basic etiquette. 
  • Practice safety. Know your limits for hiking trails and ocean conditions.
  • Cover up near resorts and families. Be discreet.
  • Enjoy the freedom and natural beauty of Hawaii’s spectacular nude beaches.


Is it legal to skinny dip in Hawaii?

Skinny dipping is technically illegal in Hawaii under indecent exposure laws. However, skinny dipping itself is rarely enforced as a criminal offense. At secluded beaches or waterfalls, discreet and respectful nude swimming may be tolerated, though this is still considered public indecency. For your best bet at legal skinny dipping, stick to established unofficial nude beach areas where the activity is accepted by other beachgoers. Exercising common sense and etiquette is crucial. And never skinny dip near families or children.

Does Hawaii allow private beaches?

There are a few private beaches in Hawaii belonging to high-end resorts and private residential communities. However, the vast majority of Hawaiian beaches are public according to state laws. Even on public beaches, certain areas may be considered clothing-optional zones if the activity is customary and accepted there. Overall, nude use of beaches depends more on specific beach culture rather than legal designations of public vs. private in Hawaii. Visitors should research known nude-friendly beaches. And as always, be discreet.  

Are there secluded beaches in Hawaii?

Yes, Hawaii boasts many secluded beaches perfect for avoiding crowds. Oahu has hidden gem beaches like Kaohao Bay. Kauai is famous for remote beaches like Salt Pond and Polihale only accessible via hiking. Maui’s Road to Hana offers tiny coves like Wai’anapanapa. And the Big Island has dramatic secluded beaches only reachable by boat like Kealakekua Bay. Many of Hawaii’s most secluded beaches are adjacent to or overlap with unofficial nude areas. Their remoteness allows nude use to thrive. Just be sure to research directions in advance when seeking out hidden beaches.

Which Hawaiian island has the most swimmable beaches?

Of Hawaii’s main islands, Oahu has the most beaches suitable for swimming, with over 70 miles of shoreline and a typically gentle wave climate. Famous swimming beaches circle the entire island like Waikiki, Lanikai, Kailua and the North Shore. Maui also boasts many protected swimming beaches along its leeward West Maui and South Maui coasts, as well as the rugged Road to Hana coast. The swimming is also excellent on Kauai’s South Shore and at Poipu Beach. While the Big Island may have fewer swimmable beach options due to its steep cliffs and rocky lava coasts, spots like Hapuna Beach offer great swimming.


With its laidback attitudes and wealth of beautiful beaches, Hawaii offers some of the world’s best options for stunning nude beach experiences. From famous spots like Little Beach on Maui to hidden gems like Secret Beach on Kauai, the islands feature a range of beach options where clothing is purely optional. By respecting etiquette, exercising common sense, and finding the right beach to suit your comfort level, you can comfortably work on an all-over tan au naturel during your Hawaiian getaway. Just do your research, pack accordingly, and get ready to enjoy the freedom and natural beauty of Hawaii’s spectacular nude beaches.

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