Snow Predictions For Tennessee 2023-2024

Snow Predictions For Tennessee 2023-2024

Bitter cold Arctic air and mounting snow-filled storms on the horizon signify Old Man Winter’s plans to sharpen his teeth this season across Tennessee. Meteorologists caution now is the time to prepare, as several trustworthy forecast agencies agree conditions align for a historically snow-laden winter ahead. 

As autumn leaves swirl and temperatures dip, one question takes center stage for Tennesseeans will it snow this winter? So, let’s explore the predicted snowfall for Tennessee in 2023-2024.

Tennessee Braces for Extreme Winter Snowstorms 

A perfect mix of factors like La Niña impacts and expert weather agency forecasts predict Tennessee may receive over 20+ inches more snow than normal statewide throughout winter 2023-2024.

All Month Snow Prediction in Tennessee

Consecutive months of deviating from average temperatures will lay the foundation for frozen precipitation over extended periods from late 2023 through early 2024. The majority of wintry weather models currently suggest escalated snow totals versus historical baseline averages nearly every month until March. These prime snowfall dynamics raise the probability of repeated measurable snow events across Tennessee amid peak winter months through February. 

Long-range winter weather models indicate an influx of persistent cold air masses with above-average snow-producing storm systems statewide through February 2024. December and January likely carry the greatest likelihood of heavy snowstorms as La Niña impacts continue strengthening amid the harshest winter conditions. February also supports increased frozen precipitation before the gradual March warm-up ushers in spring.   

In a typical winter, Tennessee averages just 13 inches of snow annually, receiving 1 to 2 snowfalls monthly from December to March that leave behind 2 to 3-inch totals. However, the upcoming season may feasibly see certain cities double or triple snowfall averages should numerous storms continually take favorable paths. The Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee specifically seem prone to exponential snowfall increases based on the most current forecast guidance.

Tennessee Cities Snowfall Prediction  

Both the 2023 Farmers Almanac and the National Weather Service outlooks predict consistent measurable frozen precipitation for Nashville throughout winter, ranging between 16 to 20+ inches – over 6 times the city’s 2 to 3-inch average. Colder and drier conditions associated with La Niña lend themselves to more snow this season.  

Regional agencies foresee December 2023 through February 2024 bringing consistent heavy snowstorms for Knoxville that could tally over 40 inches. This exponential rise from its seasonal norm stems from prime snowmaking La Niña dynamics colliding with the city’s naturally colder eastern climate.  

Memphis historically observes just a trace of snow annually. But extended weather guidance indicates the potential for 1 to 4 winter weather events as far south as Memphis and Nashville if the season’s coldest stretches sustain beyond January as models suggest. These marginally impacted cities may pick up isolated totals between 2 to 6 inches.

Snowfall Prediction for Tennessee Cities 2023-2024

Here is a table from which predicts 2024 snowfall totals for major Tennessee cities:


2023-2024 Prediction

Typical Annual Avg


  16-20 inches   2-3 inches


  2-6 inches   12 inches
Knoxville   Over 40 inches

  10-15 inches

Chattanooga   10-15 inches

  5 inches

Tri-Cities   20-30 inches

  12 inches

The table provides the predicted snowfall range totals for the 2023-2024 winter season specifically for 5 key Tennessee metro areas. It also shows the typical average annual snowfall received based on historical records to showcase how the forecasted precipitation deviates well above seasonal norms.

For instance, Knoxville is projected to exceed over 40 inches of total snowfall based on winter weather models, compared to the 10-15 inches it usually receives on average each season.

Tennessee Snowfall Records

Tennessee Snowfall Records

The top 3 winter snowfall records for Tennessee occurred in 1993, 1985, and 1960

The snowiest stretch ever witnessed spanned December 1993 into early spring 1994 due to prime snowmaking setups statewide. Locations like Nashville and Knoxville registered over 400% of average seasonal snowfall. Memphis measured 4 inches of snow when it normally tallies none.

Tennessee Historic Winter Snowfall Records 


Record Snowfall

Record Year

Nashville 20.3 inches


Memphis 17.9 inches


Knoxville 42.9 inches


Tips for Preparing for Heavy Snow  

When extreme winter weather threatens, proper preparation mitigates risk:

  • Emergency Car Snow Kit: Blankets, flashlight, water, non-perishable snacks
  • Home Snow Prep: Stock up on rock salt, shovels, fuel for generators
  • Safe Winter Driving: Limit non-essential travel in snowstorms, Clear off cars fully before driving.  
  • Hypothermia Awareness: Monitor for shivering, confusion, lethargy
  • Preventing Frozen Pipes: Allow indoor and outdoor taps to slowly drip 
  • Travel Plan Adjustments: Confirm contingency plans to avoid getting stranded

If you’re wondering, Can you hike in Sedona in the winter? confirm Travel Plan Adjustments and contingency plans to avoid getting stranded in unpredictable weather conditions.

Benefits of Snowfall   

While snowstorms create headaches, the precipitation also provides some surprising seasonal advantages.

  • Replenishes Groundwater: Slow melting snow recharges aquifers
  • Boosts Tourism: Influxes of skiers and snowboarders support local economies  
  • Bolsters Agriculture: Insulates dormant crops and nourishes soil
  • Improves Air Quality: Filters out smog and pollutants as it falls

Where to Expect the Most Snow

Where to Expect the Most Snow Tennessee

Tennessee regions likely to witness the heaviest winter storm snow totals this season:

  • Great Smoky Mountains
  • Cumberland Plateau  
  • Upper East Valley 
  • Eastern Highland Rim

Tennesseans eagerly await the first snowflakes and Brilliant white landscapes winter brings. But now is also the time to prepare for potential increases in hazardous travel, frigid temperatures, and icy conditions if projections hold accurate. Stay tuned to local weather alerts this season.


Will it snow in Tennessee in 2024?

Most likely, yes! Tennessee is predicted to experience significantly above-average snowfall this winter (2023-2024) compared to recent years. This is due to a combination of factors like La Niña’s influence and consistent cold air masses.

What is the prediction for the 2023-2024 winter?

  • Heavy snowfall, potentially 20+ inches more than usual statewide.
  • Mountain regions like Knoxville could receive over 40 inches, while Nashville and Memphis might get 2-6 inches.
  • Increased likelihood of frequent snowstorms throughout winter, especially in December and January.
  • March may still see light snowfalls before spring arrives.

Is it going to snow in Tennessee this year?

Yes, snow is definitely expected in Tennessee this year (2023-2024). In fact, the amount of snowfall is predicted to be significantly higher than usual, especially in the eastern and northern parts of the state.

What are Snow Predictions For Tennessee 2023-2024?

Tennessee could see 20+ inches more snow than usual this winter (2023-2024) due to La Niña and long-range forecasts. Mountain regions like Knoxville might receive over 40 inches, while Nashville and Memphis could get 2-6 inches. Stay informed with local weather alerts, as long-range predictions can change as winter approaches (


In conclusion, as the autumn chill ushers in preparation for the colder months ahead, Tennessee residents would be well-advised to ready themselves for an unusually snow-filled winter this season. Current long-range projections point toward prime conditions for consistent heavy snowstorms that could shatter seasonal records across much of the state. With the bulk of guidance pointing toward Tennessee cities doubling or even tripling average snowfall totals through early spring 2024, now is the time to shore up emergency winter supplies and formulate contingency travel plans before the first flakes start to fall. 

While neither the course of the season nor Old Man Winter’s whims can be entirely predicted or controlled, keeping abreast of local weather alerts and following key precautionary measures can help Tennesseans safely navigate whatever mother nature has in store. And for snow lovers eagerly awaiting the state’s next white winter wonderland, this just may be the year for scoring that sledding hill or cross-country ski trail you have always dreamed of right in your own backyard. When it comes to Tennessee snow predictions for 2023-2024, one thing is almost certain: don’t put away your coats and shawls anytime soon.

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