Most Dangerous City In Kerala 2024, According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)


Kerala, known as “God’s own country” for its natural beauty, has largely managed to avoid the high crime rates of other Indian states. However, in 2024, the city of Kochi stands out as the most dangerous city in Kerala based on the latest crime statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

With rising violent crime, property crime, and cybercrime, Kochi tops the list of places perceived as unsafe by residents and visitors alike. This article will explore the factors making Kochi the most dangerous city in Kerala and examine how it compares to other high-crime cities in India.

What Factors Make A City Dangerous in Kerala?

Several key factors contribute to a city being perceived as dangerous in Kerala:

  • Crime Rates: Cities with high rates of violent crime like murder, rape, and assault are viewed as more dangerous. Property crime and cybercrime also contribute.
  • Safety Perceptions: Fears about crime and personal safety, even if not based on reality, can lead to avoidance behaviors.
  • Unemployment & Poverty: Economic struggles and large wealth gaps breed crime and unrest.
  • Urban Planning Flaws: Poorly designed, unlit, unsupervised public areas feel unsafe.
  • Environmental Issues: Pollution and natural hazards put health at risk.
  • Unrest: Political and civil turmoil creates instability.

Impact of Crime Rate on Safety Perceptions

High crime rates in any city negatively impact perceptions of safety. Citizens become hesitant to go out at night, distrust strangers, and feel at risk. Businesses invest less in high-crime areas, while overall life satisfaction and happiness decline. Strained relations develop between police and communities as well.

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Kochi – Kerala’s Most Dangerous City in 2024

With its high rates of violent crime and robberies, cyber fraud, and organized crime, Kochi stands out as the most dangerous city in Kerala in 2024 according to NCRB statistics.

Case Study: Kochi

Crime Statistics

Kochi has the highest rates of violent crime in Kerala, including murders, rapes, and assaults.

Kochi also suffers from:

  • High levels of property crime – burglary, theft, vehicle theft
  • Increasing cybercrime – online fraud, hacking, identity theft
  • Active presence of organized crime groups and gangs

Urban Planning Issues

  • Poor street lighting
  • Lack of surveillance cameras
  • Few police patrols
  • Understaffed police force
  • High-crime slum areas
  • Inadequate public transport

Environmental Concerns

  • Extreme pollution levels
  • Flooding during monsoons
  • Disease outbreaks
  • Unregulated hazardous waste

Addressing Kochi’s Safety Concerns

To improve safety, Kochi is implementing measures like:

  • Increased police presence and CCTV monitoring
  • Improved street lighting and infrastructure
  • Tougher penalties for repeat offenders
  • Community outreach programs
  • Targeted development plans for high-crime areas

However, funding limitations pose challenges compared to major metropolises like Delhi and Mumbai.

How Kochi Compares to Other Indian Cities

The crime rate in Kochi is higher than in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala’s capital and largest city. Kochi’s crime rates also exceed those of India’s biggest metropolises, including Delhi and Mumbai.

With fewer resources dedicated to crime prevention compared to bigger cities, Kochi faces difficulties getting safety under control. Its port location also attracts organized crime.

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With thorough investigation into crime statistics and urban factors, Kochi emerges as the most dangerous city in Kerala in 2024. However, with proactive policies and strategic urban planning focused on crime reduction, Kochi can shed its dangerous reputation and restore safety. Its future remains hopeful if stakeholders work together to create positive change.

People Also Ask (FAQ’s)

Which city in Kerala has the most crime?

The city of Kochi has been reported to have the highest crime rate in Kerala.

Which is the most violent city in Kerala?

According to recent statistics, Kochi is also considered the most violent city in Kerala.

Is crime rate high in Kerala?

Compared to some other states in India, Kerala’s overall crime rate is relatively low. However, certain cities within Kerala do experience higher crime rates.

Which city in India has the highest crime rate?

As of recent data, Delhi has consistently been reported as having the highest crime rate among Indian cities.

Which city has the highest crime rate?

Delhi is often cited as having the highest crime rate among all cities in India.

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