Emma Myers Age, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend, Career, Height, Weight & More

Emma Myers is a young American actress who has quickly risen to fame in recent years thanks to breakthrough performances in buzzworthy films and TV shows. Despite only being 21 years old, Emma’s acting talent and memorable roles have already established her as one to watch in Hollywood.

In this in-depth post, we will explore Emma Myers’ background, family, relationships, physical appearance, career achievements, net worth, and more. Whether you know her as the rebellious teenager Enid Sinclair in the Netflix hit series Wednesday, or from her emotional film performances, get ready to learn all about this rapidly rising star.

Introduction to Emma Myers: Age, Hometown, Education

Emma Myers was born on April 10, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia, making her current age 21. Her birth sign is Aries. Emma was raised in the small town of Newnan, Georgia along with her older sister Carly, under parents Marc and Gina Myers.

Emma was homeschooled growing up, which allowed her flexibility to pursue acting from a young age. She began acting locally at just 8 years old before working professionally.

Despite her rising fame, Emma remains grounded in her Georgia roots and close with her tight-knit family. She splits time between Los Angeles for filming and returning home to the Atlanta area.

Emma Myers Acting Career Beginnings

Emma Myers Acting Career Beginnings
Emma Myers Acting Career Beginnings

Even before hitting it big, Emma Myers had always been drawn to performing. She started taking the stage at age 8 in local community theater productions near her hometown.

Her first major taste of Hollywood came in the form of commercial and voiceover work she booked as a kid. Emma also filmed various minor roles in independent films during her early years.

However, it wouldn’t be until her breakout lead role in the 2019 indie film After that Emma Myers truly burst onto the scene and had her acting talents recognized.

Big Break in After put Emma Myers on the Map

Emma Myers’ breakthrough happened in 2019 when she landed the lead role of Tessa in the film adaptation of the Anna Todd novel After. The romantic drama was a surprise box office hit, earning over $70 million worldwide.

Audiences and critics alike praised Emma Myers’ nuanced and emotional performance as good girl Tessa, who falls into a toxic relationship with the brooding Hardin Scott, played by fellow rising star Hero Fiennes Tiffin.

Despite the film receiving mixed reviews, Emma emerged as a stand-out, proving her abilities to carry a major movie as the top-billed actress while still just a teenager. Almost overnight, Emma Myers became one to watch.

The After franchise has since spawned several sequels which showcased Emma reprising her star-making role. While proud of the series, Emma has been strategic about continuing to choose diverse roles to expand her range.

Emma Myers TV Breakout in The Wilds and Wednesday

Following her meteoric rise thanks to After, Emma Myers wasted no time following up her breakthrough with pivotal television roles.

She landed a main cast part in the 2020 mystery drama The Wilds, playing the antagonistic mean girl Rachel Reid. While a departure from her previous roles, Emma again impressed critics with her portrayal of the complex character.

However, Emma Myers’ biggest television project would come in 2022 when she joined the Netflix series Wednesday as a lead.

The show, centered around the Addams Family daughter Wednesday Addams (played brilliantly by Jenna Ortega), became one of Netflix’s biggest hits ever. Emma shone as Wednesday’s nemesis-turned-friend Enid Sinclair, the werewolf with a sunny disposition.

Emma’s fun, layered performance earned praise and introduced her to her widest audience yet. At only 20 years old, starring in one of Netflix’s most viral shows signaled Emma had solidified herself as a star who is here to stay.

Actress Emma Myers Continues Booking Main Roles

Now that she has become a sought-after young actress in Hollywood, Emma Myers shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to her career.

She continues landing main roles in anticipated new projects across mediums that allow her to showcase the full range of her acting ability.

In 2022, Emma joined the cast of Dead to Me season 3, playing a pivotal role in the final season of the hit Netflix dark comedy. 2023 will see her star in the films Cat Person and The Fallout.

Despite her busy filming schedule, Emma finds time to engage with fans on social media, attending events, and supporting charitable causes when possible. She remains committed to growing as an actress through diverse roles across genres.

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Inside Emma Myers Personal Life, Family and Relationships

Inside Emma Myers Personal Life, Family and Relationships

While her acting career is in full swing, Emma Myers has largely kept her personal life under wraps and out of the public eye. However, here are some key details known about her family, relationships, and romantic life.

Emma’s Tight Bond with Her Family

Emma was raised in Georgia by parents Gina and Marc Myers, along with older sister Carly Myers. She maintains a very close relationship with her family.

Despite now living in L.A., Emma frequently returns home and can count on her family for unwavering support even with her increasingly high-profile roles. She calls her parents her biggest champions.

Not Dating Anyone Seriously

As an attractive young star, Emma Myers’ name has been linked with several co-stars over the years. However, she herself has stated she is fully focused on her work and not dating anyone seriously.

Emma prefers to keep romantic life private and separate from her public persona. For now, her acting career takes clear priority in her life over relationships.

Close Friendships with Castmates

Through different projects, Emma has formed close friendships with fellow young stars that she considers trusted confidants. This includes Hero Fiennes Tiffin from After, as well as Jenna Ortega who she bonded with on the set of Wednesday.

These friends provide a social circle and invaluable career advice as Emma navigates the pressures of the entertainment industry at a young age. They help keep Emma grounded.

Emma Myers’ Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

In addition to her evident acting talents, Emma Myers’ charming look and petite stature are part of what makes her so suited for playing teen characters. Here are some key facts about Emma’s physical appearance:

  • Height: Emma stands at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall with a slim, petite build. Her short stature especially worked for playing the title role in Wednesday.
  • Weight: Though not confirmed, reports indicate Emma weighs around 115 pounds (52 kg).
  • Hair: Emma has naturally light brown hair which she often dyes darker for roles.
  • Eyes: Her most striking facial features are her piercing light blue eyes.

Overall, Emma maintains a youthful look that serves her well for angsty teen character types. She pairs her natural appearance with edgier fashion when playing rebellious roles like Enid Sinclair in Wednesday.

Emma Myers Net Worth and Income

While still new to the entertainment industry, Emma Myers has quickly built up considerable net worth thanks to high-paying acting roles.

Estimates put 21-year-old Emma’s current net worth between $300,000 – $500,000 as of 2023. However, that number is likely to grow exponentially in coming years with her A-list status.

For reference, Emma earned around $100,000 for the first After movie in 2019. By Wednesday season 1 on Netflix, she likely made around $150,000 – $200,000.

Moving forward, industry experts predict Emma’s per-role fees to rise to $300,000 – $500,000 or more as she continues proving herself as a bankable star. Combined with endorsements, her income should rapidly increase.

While not yet buying lavish houses or supercars, Emma already lives a comfortable life while remaining down to earth. Wise financial planning early on will help set Emma up for long-term wealth.

Emma Myers’ Impact and Legacy in Hollywood

Despite her young age, Emma Myers has already established herself as one of the most promising and in-demand actresses in the industry. Here is a quick recap of some expected impacts:

  • Will help redefine young, female-led projects – Emma lends credibility to teen-oriented stories.
  • Serves as an inspiration for aspiring young creatives who may follow in her footsteps.
  • Breaks the mold for conventionally beautiful actresses – found success through sheer talent.
  • Has potential to become a style icon and major influencer based on her fashion sense.
  • Due for more significant awards recognition as she takes on prestigious roles.
  • On track to become a versatile A-list star who can thrive in any genre.

For an actress who just turned 21 in early 2022, Emma Myers boasts impressive career accomplishments already. But even greater fame and success await in the future. She represents the new generation of talent taking over Hollywood.

Conclusion: The Future Looks Bright for Emma Myers

In just a few short years, Emma Myers has transitioned from a small-town girl doing local theater to one of the most in-demand actresses of her generation.

But for those who have followed Emma’s career closely, this level of stardom always seemed her destiny due to rare natural acting talents. combined with the work ethic and persistence needed to make it in Hollywood.

Moving forward at just 21 years of age, the future looks exceedingly bright for Emma Myers. With head-turning performances across both film and television, she has proven her versatility and box office draw.

Upcoming projects promise to catapult Emma’s fame even higher. But perhaps most impressively, she remains humble and grounded despite her success.

Emma Myers represents the total package – an exciting young star on the rise who is still just scratching the surface of her limitless potential. She is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s brightest young talents who will shape the next generation of cinema and TV.

People Also Ask (FAQ’s)

Who is Emma Myers?

A rising American actress known for her role as Enid Sinclair in the Netflix series Wednesday.

When was Emma Myers born?

April 2, 2002.

What is Emma Myers known for?

Her breakout role as Enid Sinclair in Wednesday and her appearance in the Netflix film Family Switch.

What are Emma Myers’ notable works?

Wednesday, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, and Family Switch.

What is Emma Myers’ net worth?

Information about Emma Myers’ net worth is not publicly available.

Is Emma Myers married?

No, Emma Myers is not married.

What is Emma Myers’ nationality?


What are Emma Myers’ hobbies?

Information about Emma Myers’ hobbies is not widely known.

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