Can get 30k subscribers in 2 months” – British YouTuber Shares Why Many Travel Vloggers Come to M’sia

The Allure of Malaysia for Travel Vloggers: Unraveling the Secrets to YouTube Success

Over the years, Malaysia has become a captivating destination for travel vloggers worldwide. From its stunning landscapes to its vibrant local culture, these content creators have immersed themselves in exploring the wonders of our nation. 

Interestingly, you might have noticed a common thread among these Malaysian travel videos on YouTube: they often share similar titles, thumbnails, and even visit the same iconic spots, indulging in beloved local delicacies like Ramly burgers and Nasi Lemak

But what’s behind this consistent approach?

According to Paddy Doyle, 

“A popular Thai-based British YouTuber known for his travel content and the captivating “Dreamy” motorcycle journey across Thailand’s provinces during the pandemic, the reason lies in YouTube’s algorithm.”

In a refreshingly transparent video recapping his channel’s 2022 achievements and plans for 2023, Paddy revealed that certain countries, including Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India, are considered “rewarding” destinations for travel vloggers.

When travel content creators, including Travel Ruby, visit these nations and create videos with familiar titles, thumbnails, and content, focusing on local experiences and cuisine, their channels tend to attract a significant number of views and subscribers from the local audience.

However, he also highlighted a caveat: 

While this approach may yield short-term gains, it’s not sustainable in the long run. Once the travel vloggers leave these countries, the local subscribers are less likely to continue watching their content, ultimately hurting the algorithm and future growth. 

Can get 30k subscribers in 2 months” – British YouTuber Shares Why Many Travel Vloggers Come to Malaysia

As for Malaysia specifically, 

“Paddy mentioned that the audience here loves to watch foreigners navigate the country and sample its culinary delights.”

Consequently, Paddy’s plan for 2023 was to visit countries that not only aligned with his personal interests but also those where YouTube “rewards” travel vloggers for their content. 

He emphasized that if he were to visit these destinations, he would aim to stay true to his channel’s brand, offering unique perspectives and ideas while truly getting to know the country, rather than just repeating the same content as everyone else.

Fast-forwarding to 2024, Paddy shared another video update, recapping his achievements and plans. He proudly announced reaching over 200,000 subscribers, producing 156 YouTube videos, and more. 

The countries he visited in 2023 included the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia

In our beautiful nation, he explored Sabah and even hiked up the majestic Mount Kinabalu, creating a captivating travel series in North Borneo you can watch it here.

As you can see, Paddy’s insights shed light on the fascinating dynamics behind the influx of travel vloggers to Malaysia and the similarities in their content. It’s a delicate balance between catering to YouTube’s algorithm, engaging local audiences, and maintaining authenticity to one’s brand. What are your thoughts on this? Share your perspectives with us in the comments below!

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